Ratical Top Convertible Trucks Are Back: Upgrade to Air Bag Suspension

The Ratical Top Convertible truck has a rich history dating back to 1988, and the classic trend is regaining popularity. Many customers are now building trucks for their teenagers, hoping to provide them with a taste of the iconic trend they experienced in their own youth. Airbagit is proud to offer the Ratical Tops Convertible Truck kit, allowing you to resurrect that nostalgic vibe. These kits are the same ones that made appearances at truck shows and even music videos like "The Cars That Go Boom'' in the '80s and '90s.


Comfort and Handling

As you customize your truck’s appearance, it’s essential to consider enhancing the performance and ride with an air bag suspension kit. Not only will you turn heads with your truck’s visual transformation, you’ll have complete control of your truck’s height, comfort, and handling.


Why Air Bag Suspension for Ratical Top Convertible Trucks

Air bag suspension kits offer unparalleled adjustability. Whether you want a lowered look, or need a raised ride for off-road adventures, air bag suspension can be adjusted to match your style and performance needs.

Adjustable height also means a safer ride allowing you to raise the truck for better ground clearance, or lower it for improved stability. An air bag suspension kit will help you transform your Ratical Top Convertible Truck from a head-turning showpiece to a capable and comfortable daily driver.

When your truck is lowered or raised, we understand the importance of ride quality. Our adjustable air bag suspension kit gives your truck the ability to absorb imperfections in the road, cushioning your ride no matter the conditions of the road. The ability to adapt your air bag suspension to various driving conditions ensures optimal performance and minimizes the risk of accidents.



Purchase your Ratical Top Convertible Truck Kit and Air Bag Suspension Kit with Airbagit

As a Ratical Top convertible truck owner, you understand the significance of customization and individuality. By incorporating an air bag suspension kit into your truck, you can elevate its style, performance, comfort, and safety. Your truck will turn heads when you’re cruising with the top off, and when the weather gets bad, you can put the top back on quickly and secure it with the new and improved latches. The combination of the Ratical Top Convertible Truck Kit (Find the kit for your Truck) with Air Bag Suspension is the ultimate combination of form and function.

We are excited for you to embrace the legacy of Ratical Tops and make your truck a true standout on the road. Upgrade to an air bag suspension kit today and experience the freedom of personalized driving like never before.

Ratical Convertible Kit

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