Shaved Door Handle Kit: A Game-Changer in Car Customization

Shaved Door Handle Kit: A Game-Changer in Car Customization

Are you a car enthusiast looking to take your vehicle customization to the next level? If so, you've come to the right place. In the world of car parts and upgrades, one of the hottest trends right now is the shaved door handle kit.

In this article, we'll dive deep into what these kits are, why they're gaining popularity among industry professionals, and how they can transform your car.

What is a Shaved Door Handle Kit?

A Modern Car Customization Marvel

Imagine a car with no visible door handles. Sounds futuristic, right? That's precisely what a shaved door handle kit accomplishes. These kits are designed to eliminate the traditional external door handles on your vehicle, giving it a sleek and seamless appearance.

But that's not all - they also come with remote keyless entry systems that allow you to unlock and access your car with a touch of a button or a simple proximity sensor.

The Mechanics Behind the Magic

Shaved door handle kits consist of a few key components, including solenoids, door poppers, and remote control units.

The solenoids are responsible for unlatching the doors, while the door poppers gently push the door open once unlocked. The remote control unit, often equipped with advanced security features, is what gives you the power to control your car's doors effortlessly.

Why Industry Professionals Love Shaved Door Handle Kits

Enhanced Security

One of the primary reasons why car enthusiasts and industry professionals are embracing shaved door handle kits is the enhanced security they offer. Traditional door handles are vulnerable to tampering and break-ins. With these kits, you can fortify your vehicle's security, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Aesthetics and Aerodynamics

Car customization is not just about performance; it's also about aesthetics. Shaved door handle kits create a clean, unbroken surface on your vehicle's exterior, resulting in a sleek, futuristic look. Moreover, eliminating protruding handles reduces air resistance, contributing to improved aerodynamics and potentially enhancing fuel efficiency.

Installation and Considerations

Professional Installation Recommended

While the idea of a shaved door handle kit is enticing, it's important to note that installation can be intricate. Professional installation is recommended for seamless integration. This ensures that your kit is installed correctly and that all safety measures are in place.

Legal Considerations

Before purchasing shaved door handle kits, it's crucial to be aware of local regulations and laws. Some regions may have specific rules regarding using such kits, so ensuring that your customization complies with legal standards is essential.

Product Review and Comparisons: Shaved Door Handle Kits by Airbagit

If you're considering upgrading your car with a shaved door handle kit, you're in the right place. In this review, we'll examine three Airbagit shaved door handle kits, each with its unique features and benefits.

Remote 12-Channel Shaved Door Handle85# 4 Doors

Current Price: $279.00 USD


Channel Shaved Door Handle

The Remote 12-Channel Shaved Door Handle85# 4 Doors kit by Airbagit is a versatile choice for those looking to upgrade all four doors of their vehicle. With a strong 85lb. rating, it ensures reliable performance. This kit is designed for use with both Front/Rear FBSS (Front/Back, Side-to-Side) systems, providing a complete solution for car enthusiasts.


This kit is ideal for car owners who prioritize convenience and security. The 12-channel remote allows you to control all four doors independently, making entry and exit a breeze. The 85lb. strength ensures that the doors open smoothly, and the kit is compatible with Front/Rear FBSS systems, adding another layer of customization to your ride.

Remote 2-Channel Shaved Door Handle50# 1 Door Open/Close

Price: $119.00 USD


Remote 2-Channel Shaved Door Handle

For those looking for a more straightforward solution, the Remote 2-Channel Shaved Door Handle50# kit is a budget-friendly option. It is designed for single-door control and is perfect for customizing just one door for open/close functionality. With a 50lb. rating, it offers dependable performance.


This kit is a great choice for car enthusiasts who want to try shaved door handle customization without breaking the bank. It's user-friendly, with a single-door open/close feature, and the 50lb. rating ensures reliable operation. If you're looking to start small or focus on a specific door, this kit is worth considering.

Remote 4-Channel Shaved Door Handle85# 4 Doors

Current Price: $279.00 USD


Remote 4-Channel Shaved Door Handle

The Remote 4-Channel Shaved Door Handle85# 4 Doors kit by Airbagit offers a balanced solution for those who want to upgrade all four doors with a robust 85lb. strength. This kit is also compatible with Front/Rear FBSS systems, providing versatility and convenience for your car customization project.


With the ability to control all four doors independently, this kit offers both convenience and security. The 85lb. strength ensures smooth door operation, and its compatibility with Front/Rear FBSS systems allows for a more comprehensive customization experience.

This one is a solid choice if you're looking for a well-rounded shaved door handle kit.

Final Verdict

Airbagit offers a range of shaved door handle kits for different customization needs. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive solution for all four doors or a budget-friendly option for a single-door upgrade, there's a kit for you. Each kit provides convenience, security, and reliable performance, enhancing your car's aesthetics and functionality.


What is included in an Airbagit shaved door handle kit?

Airbagit shaved door handle kits typically include the necessary components for installation, such as solenoids, door poppers, remote control units, and wiring harnesses. The exact contents may vary depending on the specific kit model.

Are these kits compatible with my vehicle?

The Airbagit shaved door handle kits fit most vehicle makes and models. Check the product description and compatibility information provided by Airbagit to ensure that the kit is suitable for your specific vehicle.

Do I need any additional components or accessories for installation?

In most cases, Airbagit shaved door handle kits come with all the necessary components for installation. However, you may need basic automotive tools and wiring accessories to complete the installation successfully. Refer to the product documentation for specific requirements.

Can I choose between single-door control and multi-door control options?

Yes, Airbagit offers shaved door handle kits with different control options. Some kits allow single-door control, while others provide multi-door control, allowing you to customize your vehicle according to your preferences.

Are these kits challenging to install?

The complexity of the installation may vary depending on your experience and the specific kit model. It's recommended that shaved door handle kits be professionally installed for seamless integration.

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Shaved Door Handle Kit: Ready for Customization

Whether you're an industry professional or a passionate car enthusiast, this innovative kit is worth considering for your next project. Enhance the look and security of your ride with a shaved door handle kit today!

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