Air Bag Suspension to Level Your Truck Load

Air Bag Suspension to Level Your Truck Load

As a truck owner, you know that the proper suspension is essential when towing heavy loads. You want to enhance the performance of your vehicle while ensuring your safety and the safety of your cargo. One way to accomplish this is to use air bag suspension in the rear to level your truck when towing heavy loads. This can provide a multitude of benefits, and here are some of the most significant ones:


Air Bag Suspension Provides Improved Handling and Stability 

Trucks that carry heavy loads can be problematic when driving around corners or braking. The added weight can cause the vehicle to sway or bounce, which can make it difficult to maneuver, resulting in safety issues. However, air bag suspension can level out your truck, which provides better handling and stability for your vehicle, minimizing the risks of accidents and ensuring the safety of the driver and the cargo.


Air bag Suspension Offers Even Load Distribution

When you're transporting heavy items, air bag suspension can also help distribute the weight more evenly, preventing damage to the suspension and tires. The air bags help lift the back of the vehicle, balancing the weight distribution and reducing the impact on your truck's tires and other parts that might be under stress.


Reduced Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle With Air Bags

The suspension on your truck is vital to the vehicle's long-term health. When you use air bag suspension to level your truck while towing, the system absorbs a great deal of shock and helps reduce the wear and tear on your suspension system. Overloading your truck can create a high amount of pressure, which can lead to decreased performance, and eventually, cause costly repairs.


Improved Visibility at Night With Air Bag Suspension

The lights on your vehicle are designed to illuminate the road in front of you to maximize your visibility of oncoming vehicles, turns in the road, and potential obstacles.  If your back end is squatted down due to a heavy load, your lights will be angled up and away from the road.  With that said, not only is your view of the road reduced, but oncoming cars are also likely to have to deal with reduced visibility because the lights are directed at their windshield rather than down at the road.  Level the rear end of your truck with air bags, and your lights will continue to work as designed. 

Air Bag Tow Assist / Level Load Kit - Chevy


Get Your Air Bag Suspension from Airbagit

For a relatively small investment, air bag suspension in the rear of your vehicle is a great tool to level your truck's heavy loads. The system will offer improved handling and stability, even load distribution, reduced wear and tear on your vehicle, and improv safety at night. If you regularly tow heavy loads or are ever in a position where you must do so, consider installing air bags to improve your truck's performance, safety, and to ultimately extend the lifespan of your truck.

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