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2000-2006 BMW X5 Right Front Air Strut w/ 4 Wheel Leveling

2000-2006 BMW X5 Right Front Air Strut w/ 4 Wheel Leveling

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  • 2000-2005 BMW X5

To gain control of your BMW X5's air suspension system, consider an upgrade or replacement to your right front air strut. Your air struts are a critical part of your ride quality and control and an upgrade to this part of your air suspension can have you feeling like you're driving a new car. 

Responsible for supporting the weight of the front of the vehicle, Airbagit's BMW X5 right front air strut is built with unparalleled quality and reliability.

This air strut upgrade will play a pivotal role in maintaining your Range Rover's ride quality and stability. It will absorb shocks from the road from rough terrain ensuring a smoother ride around even the sharpest corners.

With the added four-wheel leveling technology, you can now automatically adjust the ride height of all four wheels to maintain a level and even ride, regardless of the vehicle's load or road conditions.

Your BMW X5's height, handling, control, and safety lean on the quality of your air strut, and we know you are in the market for only the best. Contact our sales team today with questions about upgrading your air suspension system for your BMW X5. Extended warranty is available.

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