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Air Management kits Controllers

Air Management kits Controllers

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Upgrade your vehicle with our revolutionary Air Management DC480 Kit, a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize your vehicle's air suspension system. This comprehensive Airbagit kit includes all the essential components you need to achieve unrivaled performance and precise control over your ride.

At the heart of this system is the powerful Air Management DC480 compressor, engineered with advanced technology to ensure a consistent and rapid airflow, resulting in smooth and efficient suspension adjustments. With reduced noise levels, you can enjoy an undisturbed driving experience, even during active air suspension modifications.

The Airbagit kit features a durable and capacious 3-gallon air tank, providing ample space to store compressed air. This large capacity tank minimizes compressor cycling, enabling quicker response times for your air suspension adjustments. Its corrosion-resistant construction guarantees long-lasting performance and straightforward installation in your vehicle.

The centerpiece of the kit is the VU4 Valve Manifold, a precision-engineered control unit that empowers you to manage each corner of your vehicle independently. This unparalleled flexibility allows for fine-tuned adjustments, ensuring optimal ride comfort and handling tailored to your preferences.

Stay informed and in control with the intuitive 4-switch dual gauge. This user-friendly interface allows you to monitor and adjust your air pressure effortlessly, providing real-time updates on your air tank's pressure levels. Take advantage of the smart 90psi - 120psi on/off Pressure Switch, which automatically triggers the compressor when the pressure drops to 90psi and shuts it off at 120psi. This intelligent feature maintains optimal air pressure levels while safeguarding your air management system from strain.

For seamless air connections, the kit includes a 25-foot air hose, engineered for both durability and flexibility. You can confidently make air connections to all corners of your vehicle without hassle or compromise.

Unleash the true potential of your air suspension system with our Air Management DC480 Kit. Whether you're seeking a smooth and comfortable ride for long journeys or a dynamic, agile setup for spirited driving, this kit delivers unmatched performance and customization options. Upgrade your ride today with Airbagit and experience the future of air management for your vehicle. Install it yourself or rely on the expertise of our technicians for a flawless integration into your vehicle!

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