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2011 - 2019 Chevrolet GMC 2500HD/3500 Rear Air Helper Towing Assist Kit

2011 - 2019 Chevrolet GMC 2500HD/3500 Rear Air Helper Towing Assist Kit

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  • 2011-2019 CHEVROLET 2500HD/3500

The 2011-2019 Chevrolet GMC 2500HD/3500 rear air helper towing assist kit is a great solution to enhance your truck and its towing performance. The air suspension kit is designed to provide additional support and stability when towing heavy loads. This will also give you a smoother ride when towing and a safer journey.

The rear air helper towing assist kit will fit underneath the frame of your Chevy/GMC. The kit includes durable air bag suspension that can be easily adjusted to suit the weight of your load, providing optimal support while maintaining a level ride height. The kit will reduce sagging and bottoming out, minimize stress on your vehicle's suspension, and improve overall handling and control while towing.

Please note that due to the installation position, there may be a need to relocate the brake line vent tube to accommodate the rear air helper towing assist kit. This ensures proper fitment and prevents any interference with other components of your Chevy/GMC. The relocation process, if required, can be performed following the provided instructions or by consulting a professional installer.

With our tow assist kit, you can tow with confidence, knowing that your Chevy/GMC remains stable and properly balanced. The added air suspension support significantly reduces excessive sway, vibrations, and the potential for trailer sway accidents. By eliminating the inherent issues associated with heavy loads, this kit enhances your towing safety and provides a more comfortable and controlled towing experience.

Installing the tow kit is straightforward, and all necessary components and hardware are included in the package, along with detailed instructions. While relocating the brake line vent tube may be necessary, our instructions will guide you through the process step by step.

Upgrade your Chevy/GMC truck's towing capabilities with our tow assist kit. 

NOTE!!!!! Fitment NOT guaranteed on trucks with a 5th wheel hitch


Additional info: #2600 D-II 7.25" Diameter bags CHEVY C25 2500HD C35 3500 and DUALLY Note: hip Raw

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